अजपा ध्यान आणि क्रिया ऑनलाईन कोर्स : श्वास, मंत्र, मुद्रा आणि ध्यान यांच्या सहाय्याने मनःशांती, एकाग्रता, चक्र संतुलन आणि कुंडलिनी जागृती. अजपा ध्यानाचा संपूर्ण विधी, सखोल माहिती आणि गाईडेड मेडीटेशन सेशन्स.

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Preparatory Practices for Shambhavi Kriya

Ajna chakra is slightly difficult to concentrate upon. Though its physical point is narrow (between eyebrows) many practitioners find it difficult to locate and focus at Ajna. Here is how you can begin:

Ajna Location Technique 1

  • Sit comfortably in any meditative posture
  • Apply a drop of an ice cold water in between your eye brows
  • Close your eyes
  • Simply start paying attention to the sensation produced by the cold water
  • Ladies can also use Kumkuma instead of ice cold water. Alternatively you can pinch the eye brow center by the tip of a pencil (be careful!) and then focus on the resulting feeling. One more technique is to place a finger on that region and focus on the sensation of the touch.
  • Repeat this exercise few times every day till you can focus on Ajna without any external aid

Ajna Location Technique 2

  • Sit comfortably in any meditative posture
  • Place thumb of your right hand close and in front of Ajna center
  • Move your eyes upwards and try to see the tip of the thumb
  • After some practice reduce the distance between the thumb and the eye brow center
  • Take care not to put any strain on your eyes


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Posted On : 23 January 2007

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