अजपा ध्यान आणि क्रिया ऑनलाईन कोर्स : श्वास, मंत्र, मुद्रा आणि ध्यान यांच्या सहाय्याने मनःशांती, एकाग्रता, चक्र संतुलन आणि कुंडलिनी जागृती. अजपा ध्यानाचा संपूर्ण विधी, सखोल माहिती आणि गाईडेड मेडीटेशन सेशन्स.

All for a single piece of loin-c

All for a single piece of loin-cloth

A Sadhu under the instructions of his Guru built for himself a small hut at a distance from the haunts of men. He began his practices in his hut. Now, every morning after taking the bath he would hang his wet cloth and kaupina (loin-cloth) on a tree close to the hut, to dry them. One day he found that the rats had cut holes in his loin-cloth. So the next day he was obliged to go to the near by village for a fresh one. A few days later, the same incidence happened. The sadhu thought - "Where shall I go again to beg for a cloth? Whom shall I ask for one?"

To escape from the trouble of rats he decided to keep a cat, thinking that it will keep away the rats. So he secured a kitten from the near by village and carried it to his hut. Soon his problem of rats was solved and he felt very happy.

The sadhu used to go to the village every day and beg for some milk for the kitten. One day no one gave him milk. He thought - "Who will give me milk now? I better keep a cow so that I need not beg for the milk everyday." So he now adopted a cow.

His problem of procuring milk was now solved. However, he needed to go to the village to get some straw for the cow. For the first few days the villagers happily gave him what he wanted. However, later they showed their inability to give him any straw for his cow. They suggested him to cultivate a small piece of land hear his hut so that he need not beg for the straw.

The Sadhu now started farming the land near his hut. Day passed by. He also engaged some laborers to help him. Gradually he also built a barns to store his crop. Over a period of time he became a small landlord. At last he married with a girl from near by village so that he can look after his big household.

After many years, his Guru came to see him. Finding himself surrounded by goods and chattels he felt puzzled and asked a servant - "A sadhu used to live here in a hut; can you tell me where he is?" The servant didn't know the answer and pointed him to his landlord. The Guru entered the big house and to his surprise saw his disciple inside. the Guru said - "My son, what is all this? What happened to you?" The disciple, in great shame, felt at the feet of his Guru and said - "My Master, all for a single piece of loin-cloth!"

Posted On : 09 January 2007

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