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Ajapa Dhyana

A simple yet powerful way to mental peace and spiritual progress.

Essence of Yoga
  This lesson describes the basic philosophy behind the art and science of Yoga in simple down to earth manner. All Yoga manuals are but expansion of this basic principle. Yoga advocates a practical approach to healthy and happy life. Mere intellectual debates or theories don't have much standing in Yoga. Learn the fundamental principle of Yoga in this lesson and you are ready to start your journey!
Practice of Ajapa
  Many are the ways of controlling mind but the fact is most of the aspirants find them too difficult. Ancient Yogis found out that when breath is controlled mind too automatically comes under control. Ajapa meditation is a simple yet highly powerful technique to calm and control the mind in natural way. Ajapa as described in this lesson takes you into deep meditative states by unfolding the latent potential within.
Frequently Asked Questions
  As a novice in Yoga you may have some questions about Ajapa meditation and Yoga in general. This section is a compilation of some frequently asked questions by new students of Yoga. It also throws more light on the origin of Ajapa, Kundalini and Chakras.

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