Thoughts and Musings

Desires and Destiny
You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.
Posted On : 31 Jul 2017
Prana and Meditation
Taming the mind by the goad of Prana – that wonderful game called Meditation.
Posted On : 17 Jul 2017
Ajapa Gayatri
Every day you get 21,600 chances to reflect upon your true nature. The more you utilize, the more you inch closer to the Atman. That’s the secret of Ajapa Gayatri.
Posted On : 13 Jul 2017
Mudra literally means a ‘gesture’ and also ‘one that bestows happiness’. Thus Mudras are gestures that prepare you for higher form of happiness and well-being.
Posted On : 04 Jul 2017
एक "मी" लगेच "मला, माझं, माझ्यासाठी" अशी पिलावळ जन्माला घालतो.
हा "मी" म्हणजे एक फार विचित्र प्रकार आहे. एक "मी" लगेच "मला, माझं, माझ्यासाठी" अशी पिलावळ जन्माला घालतो. माणसाला एकदा का याने पछाडलं की काही खरं नाही. त्यात परत याची अवस्था "धरलं तर चावतं आणि सोडलं तर पळतं" अशी असते. दिवसभर जमवलेले "मी" रात्री झोपण्यापूर्वी परमेश्वराच्या चरणी ओतून घागर रिकामी करावी म्हणजे मग हा बाधत नाही.
Posted On : 22 Sep 2014
Shiva Naam, Ajapa and Dnyaneshwari
Shiva Naam, Ajapa and Dnyaneshwari is all you need to walk the path of Yoga.
Posted On : 18 Aug 2014
I - ness
The only barrier between you and Happiness is too much of "I"-ness.
Posted On : 11 Aug 2014
Song of breath
Song of breath, the Ajapa Gayatri, is such a beautiful song that one day it makes you feel that God is quite closer than what you thought.
Posted On : 01 Jul 2014
माणूस हा एक फार विचित्र प्राणी आहे. मायक्रोस्कोप किंवा शक्तीशाली दुर्बिणीच्या सहायाने सगळ्या ब्रह्मांडातल्या घडामोडी पाहिल पण कधी स्वतःच्या अंतरंगात डोकावून पाहावं असं त्याला वाटणार नाही... कस्तुरीमृग...
Posted On : 24 Jun 2014
The only belonging that a yogi can claim to have is his Yoga Mat. That's where rubber meets the road.
Posted On : 17 Jun 2014

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